Ready to Brew - Worm Tea Bags
Ready to Brew - Worm Tea Bags
Ready to Brew - Worm Tea Bags

Ready to Brew - Worm Tea Bags

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Let's brew some tea

Total of 4 tea bags per pack

These tea bags are approximately 0.25 lb each; filled with premium worm castings. These pre-filled tea bags will prevent any materiel from falling into your tea, making it easy to use with your sprayer . Making your own tea benefits your plant immensely by providing lots of nutrients for its roots to absorb ! 

You will need :

     -A empty container 

     -An air pump (like a fish tank air pump)

     -An air stone

     -A hose 

     -1 Vermibec Ready to Brew worm tea bag

     -1/4 tablespoon of unsulfured molasses (or some sort of sugar source)

Getting started :

In your container add;

      - 4.73 Liters or 1.25 gallons of chlorinated water 

      - Submerge Vermibec tea bag in the water

      - Add 1/4 tablespoon of unsulfured molasses 

      - Then aerate for a minimum of 24 hours (maximum 48 hours) 

       - After a min of 24 hours your tea is activated and ready to use on your plants and garden

 Application methods :

Water your plants directly with your tea (you can also dilute it in more with dechlorinated water if needed). 

It can also be used as a foliage spray on your plants and garden. 

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