Castings 101

Our organic worm castings are farmed locally here in Quebec, Canada.

Worm castings are the organic form of fertilizer produced by earth worms (worm manure). Because worm castings have a higher nutrient concentration than conventional compost, more and more gardeners and farmers are using this natural fertilizer to enrich their soil and promote vigorous plant growth. It’s as simple to use as regular compost but its granular texture makes it easier to blend with the soil.

Vermicompost (worm castings) contains higher nutrient concentrations than conventional compost. The soluble salt levels are lower and this is an advantage for plants because greater cation exchange capacity in soil generally makes it easier for plant roots to absorb nutrients. Also, vermicompost typically retains higher nitrogen levels than conventional compost and because nitrogen is the nutrient most likely to be deficient in soils this provides vermicompost with a distinct advantage over conventional compost.