Premium Worm Castings

Add life to your soil !

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Premium product

Vermibec prides itself in offering you the most premium worm castings for all your needs. We produce this organic fertilizer in a controlled environment. Worms are kept in the most favorable conditions in order for them to thrive, produce the highest quality and most consistent product . Our product is screened at a size of 1/8" to separate the castings from most imperfections.


Our Facility

Vermibec has 80,000 square feet of interior and exterior space used to breed worms, collect, store and package worm castings.

Compost Worms

Compost worms are perfect for home composting or to just add to your garden


Perfect for...


Worm castings are fantastic at germinating seeds. They offer you all the best nutrients to get you going on the right foot!

Worm Castings


Vermicompost provides the needed nourishment for plants to thrive. The high yield of your harvest with this organic fertilizer is sure to impress!


Simply the flavor of your produce is sure to thrill your taste buds!