Worm Tea 4 Liters

Worm Tea 4 Liters

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This is what you need for flowering!

Its  nutrients are readily available for roots to absorb!

We only ship this product on Mondays !!!

To be used once received !!!

The probiotic bacteria in this Worm Tea breaks down organic material in your soil in order to allow the plant’s root system to absorb nutrients better. Our Worm Tea is organically produced and keeps your earth healthy versus any chemical fertilizer out there. It is also a natural insect repellent and helps to fight harmful diseases like black rot, mildew etc…

Using Worm Tea regularly improves soil conditions for any plant. This means healthier, happier plants that will grow and produce for you!

Don’t be shy to cover the whole plant including the leaves. You can use a watering can for watering or a spray bottle for foliage. 

It’s recommended to dilute it to 50% with dechlorinated water.